Limited Resources Available to International Students Despite Funding Education in Canada 

According to Statistics Canada, international undergraduate students will pay 429 per cent more in tuition than domestic students in 2023. Postgraduate international students will also pay 184 per cent more for their studies than their domestic peers.  The Canadian Federation of Students’ factsheet on international student tuition fees notes the increases are differential fees that post-secondary institutions use to generate income because of inadequate funding from provincial governments. Private post-secondary schools view international students as a low-risk revenue source. With non-Canadian students at a clear disadvantage regarding schooling costs, exploring other available resources and supports is essential to balance school and work life.

Living to Your Full Potential Through Goal Setting

While the future may be full of possibilities, knowing where to start on the path from your current life to the one you envision for yourself can be challenging; this is where goal setting is the most useful. Setting a goal gives you something specific to work towards, which can also help you stay motivated and on track. How do you set goals and what can you do if you can’t seem to achieve your goals? We answer these questions in the article and also provide a simple goal setting template with actionable tasks to help you reach your full potential.

A New Initiative in the Prairies Aims for Excellence in Mentoring

Prairie Centre for Excellence in Mentoring is a new initiative launched in 2022 to improve outcomes for newcomer mentees and mentors by creating new knowledge and practical resources for organizations offering mentoring programs. In its first stage, the project focuses on researching and developing an employer engagement toolkit for organizations offering employment mentoring.    

New Immigration Streams in Alberta Provides Clarity on the Direction of Alberta Immigration

In April 2022, Alberta introduced the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP), a new stream to attract immigrants from overseas or other provinces. The Alberta Tech Pathway, one of the seven streams of this program, gained the most popularity over the last few months and placed Alberta on the lips of potential immigrants considering Canada.

Tips to Improve Your Mental Health

Carol Sandy, MEd Counselling, MSc. (A) Couple and Family, R.S.W, joins Immigrant Muse as our metal health columnist to talk about all things mental health for immigrants. In this first column, she discusses some of the unique issues that can impact immigrants’ mental health and shares tips on how to improve your mental health as an immigrant. Join her on this journey to understand and improve your mental health.

Writing From the Margins: Letters to Singapore

“I never thought it was possible to write my novel, the one that I had been dreaming about all my life”, began Kelly Kaur, author of Letters to Singapore in this inspiring article that shares her struggles and triumphs as a published author of a novel. Letters to Singapore shares the story of an international student in Canada, reliving her life as an immigrant in letters she wrote to four important women in her life, who are in Singapore.