Declining Housing Supply Presents Opportunities for Equitable Population Redistribution

Housing availability and affordability have been a growing concern in Canada for a few years, especially in the last two years. In recent times, newcomers to metropolitan cities including Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal have faced the harsh reality of homelessness, with a limited supply of suitable homes in desired locations at affordable costs. The increasing inflation rate has further aggravated the situation and forced many to embark on inter-city migration.

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Mentorship: Reflections from Mentors as a Gift That Keeps on Giving

The mentorship relationship is a two-way street that culminates at an interjection. But how do mentors efficiently achieve the high impact they desire from the relationship? Tasneem Damji, Programs Director at Dress for Success Vancouver, and Hanna Kitchingman, Executive Director at Dress for Success, Kingston share their experiences as mentors with Immigrant Muse.

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Eight Stress-Free Event Networking Tips for Immigrants

Networking is a valuable skill but it can be a source of stress for many immigrants.  Remember that you have used networking techniques even before coming to Canada.  You merely have to hone your skills by using these eight simple tips for stress-free and effective networking and have fun while at it

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Bringing the Taste of Syria to Canada

Badie and Wafaa Al Souad were forced to move to Lebanon in 2014 with their four children due to the war that started in their home country, Syria in 2011. After staying in Lebanon for three years, they received an invitation from the Government of Canada to migrate to Canada as refugees. This family moved to Canada in 2016 and have successfully plated a strong root in Saskatoon with their restaurant, Taste of Syria.

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Gardening Tips for Newcomers

Many newcomers would love to try gardening but don’t know how to start, considering the weather conditions in Canada. Shareba Abdul, a Food and Garden Blogger with In Search Of Yummy-ness, shares some gardening tips for spring.

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Acing Your Job Search by Roy Mapleton  

The book contains various tips on body language and answering tough human resource questions. Roy explains how to portray a positive mindset irrespective of the rejections you may have experienced or the length of time you may have been out of job.

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