Living to Your Full Potential Through Goal Setting

While the future may be full of possibilities, knowing where to start on the path from your current life to the one you envision for yourself can be challenging; this is where goal setting is the most useful. Setting a goal gives you something specific to work towards, which can also help you stay motivated and on track. How do you set goals and what can you do if you can’t seem to achieve your goals? We answer these questions in the article and also provide a simple goal setting template with actionable tasks to help you reach your full potential.

Thriving as a new member in a credit society

A good credit rating is essential for life in Canada, as most lenders want to know how you have handled credit in the past to determine how well you will handle it in the future. Credit card issuers, auto dealerships and mortgage lenders will check your credit score before deciding how much to lend you and at what interest rate. Here are tips to build your credit in Canada and the pitfalls to avoid.

Skills You Need to Become an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are a special kind of people. They see an opportunity and seize it. They are innovative and unafraid to take risks. What skills do they need to succeed? Many people think it only takes a great idea and some determination, but that’s only part of the story. In order to be successful, entrepreneurs need a variety of skills to manage a business effectively.

Understanding the Canadian Credit System

With the level of misinformation and contradictions on credit history and score on the internet, understanding the Canadian credit system is a feat achieved by very few. Immigrant Muse Editor, Oyin Ajibola had a scenario-based and insightful conversation with Julie Kuzmic, Senior Compliance Officer, Customer Advocacy at Equifax, to help immigrants better understand the concept of credit in Canada.  

Mentorship – Transfer of Real-Life Business Knowledge

You may not remember the first time you were mentored, wobbling and taking those very first steps into your mother’s arms. You might not recall that feeling of security or warmth that enveloped you. You gained confidence in your abilities! As you got older, others mentored you, your teachers, softball coach, dance teacher, hockey coach – they all wanted to transfer their knowledge to help you enhance your knowledge and skills.