Migration Nation – How Immigrants Have Made It In Other Part of Canada

Canada is a large country. It is the second-largest country in the world after Russia. This country is blessed with tons of land for new arrivals to call home, yet over 13 million people out of the total 38 million people live in MTV (Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver). The dominance of these cities and their respective provinces has attracted international visitors for decades. According to Statistics Canada, around 53 per cent of immigrants to Canada end up in one of these three cities. But no one said you had to stay there. Many new immigrants move into the big cities to move out to other locations sooner. But why come to MTV at first? 

Seeking Clarity, Support and Justice After a Winnipeg Police Dog Attacks a School Boy

On December 14, 2022, David Aloba, a five-year-old student of Samuel Burland School in Winnipeg, Manitoba, was bitten by a police dog when the Canine Division of the Winnipeg Police Department Visited his school. The boy was taken to the hospital, where he received multiple stitches to his lower lips from a plastic surgeon. Winnipeg Police reported the incident to the Independent Investigation Unit of Manitoba, which is obligated to investigate incidents involving the police. However, the unit decided not to investigate the incident because David’s injury was not classified as ‘Serious’. According to the unit’s website, serious injuries involve a hospital admission, dismemberment or death. In an article published by CBC, an investigator from the unit, was quoted as saying that “although David was taken to the hospital, he was not admitted and that the unit could still carry out an investigation if there’s enough public interest”. In response, Mr and Mrs Aloba authorized NovaDOC African Community to release an online petition to gain public interest, and it received more than 3000 signatures in the first few days.

How do David’s parents feel about the incident and the way the authorities involved have handled it? What systemic changes do they want to see to avoid a reoccurrence? How can this incident psychologically impact David, his family and other community members? Legally, who should be held liable for damages?

Education Programs by CBE to Integrate Newcomers, Students and Families in Calgary

Migrating to a new country is a stressful and anxiety-ridden process, but grown-ups are expected to be able to deal with the stress. What about young immigrants, though? How do we prepare a child, already in a very vulnerable position, for life in a country where the language and culture may be quite different and alienating? The Calgary Board of Education provides programs to support students and their families as they navigate life in Canada.