Tips to Improve Your Mental Health

Carol Sandy, MEd Counselling, MSc. (A) Couple and Family, R.S.W, joins Immigrant Muse as our metal health columnist to talk about all things mental health for immigrants. In this first column, she discusses some of the unique issues that can impact immigrants’ mental health and shares tips on how to improve your mental health as an immigrant. Join her on this journey to understand and improve your mental health.

Tips to Efficiently Network on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional online network. In addition to the ability to create a professional profile, LinkedIn provides a safe space for job seekers to upload their resumes and for employers to post job openings as well. How can you efficiently utilize LinkedIn to achieve your career goals if you’re new to the platform? Here are seven tips to help you optimize your LinkedIn profile and build an enviable professional persona. 

Writing From the Margins: Letters to Singapore

“I never thought it was possible to write my novel, the one that I had been dreaming about all my life”, began Kelly Kaur, author of Letters to Singapore in this inspiring article that shares her struggles and triumphs as a published author of a novel. Letters to Singapore shares the story of an international student in Canada, reliving her life as an immigrant in letters she wrote to four important women in her life, who are in Singapore.


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