Ordeals of Immigrants Traveling Home During Holiday Season

The Covid-19 pandemic made the distance between immigrants living in Canada and their loved ones in their home countries seem all the longer. Empty airports, travel restrictions and Zoom calls became the norm. Christmas 2022 was set to be a welcome return to normal, with people eager to visit family and friends they had not…

Life in Detention Camps: Through the Eyes of Refugee Claimants

Even though Canada has a long history of welcoming refugees and migrants, Canada can do better, especially in how immigration detainees are handled. As critics point out, an oversight authority and community-based accommodation rather than incarceration in holding cells would help Canada genuinely live up to her reputation of ‘Welcome to Canada!”

Saving the Planet One Take-Out Container at a Time

Erika Reyes moved to Toronto, Ontario, from Mexico four years ago. Soon after, she became enamoured with starting her own company. An unfulfilling marketing job, the effects of single-use plastic and words of encouragement from her husband eventually set her in motion towards opening Inwit, a sustainable take-out container company with a promising future.


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