Writing From the Margins: Letters to Singapore

“I never thought it was possible to write my novel, the one that I had been dreaming about all my life”, began Kelly Kaur, author of Letters to Singapore in this inspiring article that shares her struggles and triumphs as a published author of a novel. Letters to Singapore shares the story of an international student in Canada, reliving her life as an immigrant in letters she wrote to four important women in her life, who are in Singapore.

Mercy Vito-Campbell: Wielding Her Strength of Character to Break Through Struggles

Strength of character is an immigrant’s superpower, and Mercy Vito-Campbell’s story is proof. Mercy went through a series of difficult experiences shortly after landing in Canada at the age of 19 as a permanent resident, and realizing one month later that she was pregnant.  But these did not deter her from claiming a life that’s filled with boundless opportunities away from the judgement of a conservative community.

Maryam Salehizadeh: Representing Canada Internationally Despite Visual Impairment 

To represent Canada internationally! This was Maryam Salehizadeh’s dream and the seemingly insurmountable challenges she encountered were not enough to stop this offensive player on the Canadian Goalball Women’s Team. In a conversation with this Paralympian, Immigrant Muse uncovers the story of this inspiring immigrant, who has represented Canada internationally. 

Bringing the Taste of Syria to Canada

Badie and Wafaa Al Souad were forced to move to Lebanon in 2014 with their four children due to the war that started in their home country, Syria in 2011. After staying in Lebanon for three years, they received an invitation from the Government of Canada to migrate to Canada as refugees. This family moved to Canada in 2016 and have successfully plated a strong root in Saskatoon with their restaurant, Taste of Syria.