Spring 2022 issue


In this issue, the Al Souads share their inspiring story of surviving the Syrian war, the biting Canadian winter, and alienating language barrier to establishing a thriving restaurant that delights the taste buds of Stoonians with the Taste of Syria. Now, more than ever before, we need to advocate for global peace. Inspired by his childhood bullying experience, Faiyaz Khan uses his music to preach global peace. On finance, we gleaned some insights from Equifax on the Canadian credit system to help you better understand the factors that affect your credit score and highlight some critical questions to determine if you’re ready for homeownership, among others. Our career section shares in-depth information on real estate careers with the real-life experiences of immigrant real estate agents and realtors. And our immigration columnist reveals promising career paths with high vacancy rates that immigrants should consider.

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Business and Career
01 About Immigrant Muse
02 Content
04 Editor’s muse
05 Questions from readers
06 Contributors

Inspiring Immigrants
08 Badie & Wafaa Al Soud: Bringing the Taste of Syria to Canada
12 Charles Ifechi: On a mission to uplift Black Professionals in Canada
13 Banyk Chia: Discovering opportunities amidst challenged
14 The pastry nerd: neuroscientist turns baker
16 Faiyaz Khan: Singing for unity and peace
18 Katrina Macadaeg: Helping immigrants thrive through stories

Career and Business
20 Career in real estate
24 Drawing the line between compliment and sexual harassment
26 Employer of choice: Vendasta
28 The importance of clarity of purpose
30 Alternative career paths for immigrants
32 Need to go back to school for your career?
Here’s how to strategically plan for back-to-school
34 Mentorship: the transfer of real-life business knowledge
35 Book review: Acing your job search by Roy Mapleton

Social and Family Life

36 Dear diaspora child
37 Recipe: Molten chocolate cake
38 Carve your niche
42 Helping your kids deal with bullying
44 Parenting and societal expectations
Part one: the first name game
46 Parenting and society expectation
Part two: disciplining other people’s children
50 New car versus used car: which is a better purchase?


54 Are you ready for homeownership? Here’s how to know for sure
57 Tax filing guide for newcomers
58 Managing your investments during uncertain times
60 Gardening tips for newcomers
61 Understanding the Canadian credit system:
an insightful conversation with Equifax

Current Affairs and Advocacy

64 The workplace: A hotbed for subtle racism
66 The Ontario Working for Workers’ Act:
What does it mean for immigrants?
69 Black-Serving Organizations
74 Gender inequality in immigrant service delivery

Settlement and Integration

76 New grant program for credentialing in British Columbia
77 Newcomer Information Centre: your first point of contact in Saskatoon
78 The Women’s Business Hub:
helping immigrant women start and expand their business
80 City feature: Saskatoon