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Three print issues of Immigrant Muse Magazine are delivered to you annually with inspiration, insight and tools for immigrants to thrive in Canada. Each print issue includes articles on:


To help immigrants understand the unspoken Canadian work culture, get in-depth information on specific occupations and gain practical tips to enter, transition or grow their career in Canada.


To create financial awareness among immigrants, helping them to make informed to aid financial freedom.


To inform immigrant business owners of resources and tools to help them start, scale and grow their businesses.

Social life

They reveal the difference between the social life in Canada and that of immigrants’ home country and help them see the options available to enjoy life in Canada.


To educate the public (government, agencies and general public) on the consequences of the current affairs in Canada to the immigrant community in the hopes of influencing policies, practices and trends for the benefit of the immigrant community.

Inspiring immigrants

To inspire immigrants with the successes of other immigrants from all walks of life and motivate them to keep pushing despite their struggles.