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Feed the Future and Grow Your Career

Nutrien is a leading provider of agricultural products, services, and solutions. With approximately 23,000 employees worldwide, Nutrien prides itself as the largest producer of potash (by capacity) and one of the world’s largest producers of nitrogen and phosphate. Nutrien also operates a leading agriculture retail network that services over 500,000 growers worldwide. As such, Nutrien plays a critical role in Feeding the Future by helping growers sustainably increase their food production.

At the heart of Nutrien’s purpose to grow our world from the ground up is safety and integrity. As a result, Nutrien hires people who are safety-conscious, customer-focused, and who have integrity. In addition to these attributes, top-ranking candidates in Nutrien’s hiring process are collaborative and inclusive team players, leaders and strategic thinkers, innovators, committed performers, problem-solvers, and decision-makers.

Immigrant Muse regards Nutrien as an Employer of Choice for immigrants because of their commitment to creating and maintaining an inclusive workplace where all employees can take their whole selves to work and know that their unique differences are respected and valued. Nutrien encourages respect for the rights, culture, diversity, and dignity of all individuals.

Nutrien’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion strategy is integrated across their business and value chain. Through their Employee Resource Groups (ERG), they offer a variety of employee-led networks focused on engaging leaders and supporting underrepresented groups. These ERGs include Women in Nutrien (WIN), Women in Non-Traditional Environments and Roles (WINTER), Pride at Nutrien, Young Professionals Network (YPN), Military Strong at Nutrien, and Black Employees at Nutrien.

According to Leslie Coleman, Vice President, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, ” at Nutrien, our purpose is to grow our world from the ground up. We invite every employee to commit to cultivating a respectful and inclusive workplace. We believe that when we invest in women and underrepresented groups, we invest in the world’s ability to end hunger.” 

We invite every employee to commit to cultivating a respectful and inclusive workplace. We believe that when we invest in women and underrepresented groups, we invest in the world’s ability to end hunger.

Leslie Coleman, Vice President, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Nutrien also provides inclusive learning and development programs to equip their leaders to engage in difficult conversations and ensure an inclusive environment.  These regular learning opportunities build employee awareness of historical and contemporary issues facing BIPOC communities; to encourage actions that create a more equitable workplace, value chain, and communities.

With operations and investments in 14 countries and on five continents, Nutrien has two corporate offices in Canada located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and Calgary, Alberta; and two corporate offices in the United States located in Loveland, Colorado and Chicago, Illinois. Nutrien might be the right fit for you if you’re interested in building your career with a global leader in sustainable agriculture.

Immigrant Muse obtained some insightful tips from the Talent Attraction and Sourcing Team at Nutrien, to help immigrant applicants conduct an effective job search.

Tips from Nutrien’s Talent Attraction and Sourcing Team

  • Be proud of your experience and know your experience doesn’t stop at the border.
  • Research the company where you are applying for a job, including their work values and culture. Review their website, social media feeds, breaking news, and community involvement, among other things.
  • READ the job description. Understanding the job requirements helps identify how you meet the expectations and requirements for the job. 
  • Have a professional voice message on your phone.
  • Keep a list of the roles you have applied for and the companies. The list will help you be prepared when a recruiter calls versus answering the phone call saying, “who?”, “what?”, “for what?” You want to avoid coming across as indiscriminately applying for jobs.
  • Don’t take it personally if you don’t succeed at first. It often has more to do with the volume of applicants.


  • Prepare, prepare, prepare! 
  • Know why you want the job and why you qualify for the role with specific examples and accomplishments.
  • Make sure to answer the questions the interviewer(s) ask during the interview and avoid “getting into the weeds.”
  • Use the STAR method to answer interview questions:
    • Situation
    • Task
    • Action taken
    • Results/outcome

For virtual interviews

  • Test your technology before the interview.
  • Get set up in a quiet and professional-looking environment. Be sure to remove inappropriate or distracting paintings and objects that can show on camera. Address any window and light reflections that may blur your image or create shadows.


  • The information on your LinkedIn profile should align and be consistent with your resume to avoid discrepancies.
  • Use LinkedIn to showcase your “personality” and provide more details (as opposed to the resume, which needs to be concise and more aligned to the role you are applying for).
  • Enable the LinkedIn name pronunciation feature.

Depending on your education and interests, there are a variety of routes to join the Nutrien team in various areas, such as accounting, finance, engineering, technical services, and manufacturing operations, among others. There are lots of opportunities for agronomists, crop consultants, agronomy technicians, researchers (farm sustainable agriculture), and for those interested in retail roles.

Visit nutrien.com/careers to view current job openings by location and apply for a specific role or submit your resume for general consideration. Some of the perks of working at Nutrien include competitive salaries, great benefits, and a collaborative and purpose-driven work environment. Nutrien also invest in their employees through education, training, mentoring, and career development planning.

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