Eight Things Immigrants Love About Canada

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There is a lot of things to love about Canada.  After all, it is one of the world’s top immigrant destinations. In this article, immigrants across Canada share what they love most about the country they now call home.

1. Peace, Security, and Safety

Canada is relatively safer than most countries.

According to the 2021 Global Peace Index released by the Institute of Economics and Peace, Canada is the 10th most peaceful out of 163 countries.  This report measures the state of peace in terms of the level of safety and security, extent of ongoing conflicts, and the degree of militarization. This report matches the sentiments of immigrants in Canada.

” I love Canada because it is a welcoming country where people from everywhere come to realize their dream to live in peace and security. This is a land of equal opportunity and freedom. Canada is the best country to explore and Canadians are the most beautiful people inside and out. I am happy and proud to live here.” 

Kimberly, immigrated in 2005, living in Ontario

“Canada offers security and safety for the family as well as a better future for the children. I can attest that we have been blessed to be here.”

Grace, immigrated in 2005, living in Ontario

“Canada’s promise of peace of mind topped the list of why I made the move. And did she deliver? Yes, she did and still doing…Canada has won me over and Alberta has nothing but pure joy regardless of the challenges.”

Sarah, immigrated in 2019, living in Alberta

2. Nature and Four Seasons

Canada has four beautiful seasons with greater appreciation of nature.

Canada’s beauty is astounding.  It consistently ranks top on the list of the most beautiful countries in the world.  Canada holds the third spot in the 2022 Rough Guides list of most beautiful countries in the world as voted by travel guide readers. 

Canada’s natural beauty is highlighted by the four seasons, and immigrants attest to this.

“The beauty of Canada is unbelievable!”

Rozy, immigrated in 2019, living in British Columbia

“I really admire Canada’s beautiful and consistent four seasons.  The excitement builds up for me whenever we start a new season, especially winter.  The change in seasons is something that we do not get in my home country.”

Mark, immigrated in 2010, living in British Columbia.

3. Diversity and Multiculturalism

Canada is a diverse and multicultural society

According to Canada’s official website, “With the significant exception of Indigenous people, all Canadians originally come from somewhere else.” Further, it states that approximately 75% of the country’s population growth is attributed to immigration.  Immigration results in a diverse and multicultural society, which is appreciated by many.

I love Canada because it supports a multicultural community. Because of this, we are given equal opportunities.”

Marissa, immigrated in 2003, living in Ontario

“I love the country’s cultural diversity and multicultural cuisine.”

Juliani, immigrated in 2019, living in British Columbia

4. Endless Opportunities

Canada is filled with opportunities

Access to opportunities is one of the things that immigrants absolutely love about this country.  In fact, the Government of Canada states that employers across the country are actively looking to fill hundreds of thousands of positions. 

“As immigrants, we have opportunities to become whatever we choose to be. In a funny kind of twist of fate, career progression is also a known hindrance for many of us. However, I have seen how people’s careers have transformed within a few years. I am happy with my life here.  My community is growing, and we continue to build ourselves up as we explore all that this maple land offers.”

Lola, immigrated in 2018, living in Alberta

“I love the stability that Canada can offer to me. There are equal rights for everyone – even for a woman and immigrant like me.”

Maricor, immigrated in 2012, living in British Columbia

“The opportunities are endless.  It’s up to you how and when you take these opportunities because there is no age limit.”

Alwyn, immigrated in 2006, living in Manitoba

5. Healthcare

Canada’s healthcare system is founded on the values of fairness and equity.

Canada’s healthcare system is publicly funded and is founded on the values of fairness and equity. Chapter 6: Strong Public Health Care of the Federal Budget 2022 considers overall health.  It allots a budget for dental care, mental health and opioid crisis, aging and brain health innovation. It also includes investments in public health programs such as piloting menstrual equity fund and assistance for Canadians who want to become parents.  It is not a surprise that the healthcare system is one of the things that immigrants love about Canada.

“I simply love Canada! I appreciate its high-quality health care system.  I never have to worry about expenses concerning healthcare because of the publicly funded healthcare system that ensures quality of care for all Canadians.”

Manolito, immigrated in 1999, living in British Columbia 

6. Freedom and Individuality

Canada encourages you to embrace your individuality.

Canadians generally value freedom and individuality.  They make decisions based on personal interest and break free from societal expectations. Freedom and individuality also make it to the list of top things that immigrants love about Canada.

“What I love most about Canada is that there is freedom to be yourself here. Of course, you will come across judgmental people at times.  But in general, there is freedom to express yourself and be yourself without feeling the need to fit into a mold that was previously established. There are so many cultures here that there is no mold.  This allows you to be yourself without feeling shame.”

Gloria, immigrated in 1996, living in British Columbia

“I love the freedom and opportunities that Canada provides.”

Aeron, immigrated in 2003, living in Quebec

7. Polite and Kind People

Canadian politeness is known around the world.

Canadian politeness is known all over the world. Often saying “please” and “thank you” in many social situations; are apologetic and may even say “excuse me” or “I’m sorry’” if someone else has bumped into them; and they are uncomfortable in the face of aggression.

Canadians are generous with their time, talents, and resources.  Statistics Canada reveals that 79 per cent of Canadians aged 15 years and older volunteered as part of an organization or on their own in 2018.

“I love many things about Canada, but what I love the most is how kind many people are. People are willing to help you and show you genuine kindness without knowing who you are. Though, there are pockets of people who aren’t kind, the number of those who are kind far outweighs those who aren’t. Thank you, Canada, and thank you, Canadians.”

Sherifat, immigrated in 2016, living in Nova Scotia

8. Relaxed Lifestyle

Canada’s beautiful scenery makes life more relaxed.

The Canadian values of freedom and individuality, the country’s beautiful scenery, and the society’s diversity provide unlimited recreation options that are hard to ignore.

Statistics Canada shares that out of the all the Canadians surveyed, 7 per cent participated in outdoor activities and 85 per cent visited a park or green space close to home.  Immigrants have the pleasure of enjoying life at their own pace.

“I love how people are freer in Canada. Canadians don’t let pressure take over – they don’t feel the need to get things done right away and right at this second. There is more dedicated time for themselves to enjoy life a bit more through various activities like camping, hiking, and visiting art galleries. The overall slower pace toward living life to the fullest is beautiful.” 

Cindy, immigrated in 2009, living in British Columbia
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