Celebrating Diversity and Multiculturalism in Canada Through Festivals

Canada is truly a land of immigrants. The cultural fabric from over 200 countries is woven beautifully into a colorful tapestry of the Canadian culture. During the summer months, Canada comes alive with seemingly endless festivities to celebrate diversity and multiculturalism.  Peruse this list of the biggest annual festivals in the country and learn about a new culture.

Mercy Vito-Campbell: Wielding Her Strength of Character to Break Through Struggles

Strength of character is an immigrant’s superpower, and Mercy Vito-Campbell’s story is proof. Mercy went through a series of difficult experiences shortly after landing in Canada at the age of 19 as a permanent resident, and realizing one month later that she was pregnant.  But these did not deter her from claiming a life that’s filled with boundless opportunities away from the judgement of a conservative community.