Amarjeet Sohi – From Taxi Driver to Respected Political Figure

Like all new immigrants and refugees, Amarjeet Sohi experienced challenges and anxieties about his new life in Canada.  Yet, he went on to be a Union Representative, City Councillor, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s first cabinet and was later the Minister of Natural Resources. Now, he is in running to be Mayor of Edmonton.

Successfully Navigating the Discriminatory Job Market In Canada

While skilled migrants have for several years formed a larger part of the Canadian migrant population, the persistent job market prejudice and bias against this group has left the majority jobless, and others taking up survival jobs outside their original field of expertise just to make ends meet in the land they now call home. How can immigrants successfully navigate the labour market discrimination and what can be done to minimize it?

Your Citizenship May Depend on Your knowledge of the Indigenous People

When thirty-one new Canadians swore their allegiance to the Queen in June this year, there was a slight revision to the Oath they took. This was in fulfillment of the Call to Actions 93 and 94 of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The Canadian citizenship test and ceremony will see more changes in the near future in honour of the indigenous people of Canada.