Renting a Home as a Newcomer

Before worrying about finding a job in Canada, it is important to have a roof over your head once you land. While you may be able to switch jobs, that’s not the case with a house. Here are tips to help you find the right home before landing or post-landing.

Working as a Personal Support Worker

There is an ever-growing demand for Personal Support Workers (PSWs) in Canada. And now, as the COVID 19 pandemic rages on and other health care professionals struggle to cope with the increased number of patients needing care, PSWs have become more valuable. What does it mean to be a PSW and how can you become one?

Negotiating Your Benefits

The disparity between an immigrant employee’s wage and others is not always the employer’s fault but often due to an immigrant’s minimal negotiation skills. Let’s review how an immigrant can begin their benefit negotiation from the job application stage of the recruitment process.