The Ontario Working for Workers Act

The Ontario Working for Workers Act changed several existing Acts, three of which specifically affect immigrants: Employment Protection for Foreign Nationals Act (Live-in Caregivers and Others), 2009; Employment Standards Act, 2000; and Fair Access to Regulated Professions and Compulsory Trades Act, 2006.  What does this mean for immigrants?

Help your Children Deal with Bullying

Whether in affluent or poverty-stricken countries, bullying has become a global pandemic. One of the many pain points of bullying is not the tears, anxiety, and pain of today rather, it is the trauma and other health challenges the kids might face in the future. How can parents help their children to deal with bullying and its effects?

Strategically Plan your Career

Immigrants, like most people often look out for opportunities to acquire relevant skills and better job offers. For some, the choice to go back to school is based on commentary from what friends and family have identified as a market need. Here are six tips to help you strategically plan for career growth this year.